Media Bias In The United States

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In America today, most people have their own political views. Some are legitimate, and some are the cause of one main problem: media bias. Certain media outlets are promoting biased political views on television, the internet, and social media. People that watch and read these biased media sources are constantly believing more and more of the false information that they are presenting. Media bias and fake news in the United States is a major contributing factor to many citizens’ political views, especially as a result of news outlets that promote a liberal agenda. Many publicly well-known media outlets, such as CNN, MSNBC, and the Washington Post strongly promote liberal views. These media outlets report stories that turn out to be false or edited after further inspection. Furthermore, almost all of their coverage of President Trump and other conservative figures was negative. According to Student News Daily, “President Trump received 92% bad press, vs. just 8% good press on the ABC, CBS and NBC…show more content…
In the 2016 Presidential Election, the popular vote was won by Hillary Clinton, even though Trump won the presidency thanks to the Electoral College. This is undeniable evidence that there are more Democrat voters in the United States than anyone else, which can be tied to the influence of the media on voters. One example would be shortly after the tragic Las Vegas shooting, CNN provided a graphic attempting to explain how a bump fire stock worked, because that was an attachment the shooter had used. However, the firearm did not include a bump fire stock, but it did include a grenade launcher and silencer, which are completely unrealistic attachments available only to the U.S. Military. The media is swaying the views of voters by portraying the President and other conservatives falsely as well as other biased stories that entail obvious
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