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Media Bias

Is the Media Bias? Many people including myself believe that it is. On the other hand, there are people who believe that media is not biased and just states facts. These people (i.e. my dad), who believe that media is not biased also believe that everything on TV is true, in my experience. We see bias in media (print or broadcast) many times. It might be the subtlest of things that is unnoticeable to more blatant attempts. The fact is bias is everywhere and it is very difficult to separate the two. The reasons why it is difficult are not clearly understood by my self but I can point toward the fact that everyone is the world has opinions and in some way or form it will be presented in the way they talk or write. The
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However, very quickly, the articles comes to "candidate bashing" by each candidate rather then discussing the issues the articles focuses on what each other says about the other. One thing that really stood out, in five of the seven articles, are discussions of George Bush's activities were discussed prior to discussion of Al Gore. At first, I thought that maybe it was a fluke and writer was following an alphabetical order procedure to present the article. But, when I read the two articles that discussed Al Gore's activities first it struck me that this is a very important aspect of any writing. This struck me as important because I believe that the position that the writer usually supports is the one that is discussed first and the contrast it with another view. By discussing George Bush first the ideas of Bush are imbedded in the mind and then when discussion of Al Gore is presented it is in the mind to compare it with the previous discussion. This might not necessarily be true but I do feel strongly about this claim. The reason why is, when someone wants to present a unbiased presentation they will compare and contrast the positions of both candidates throughout the whole article and not separate it into two sections. Next, words and phrases chosen to describe the candidates' activities imply bias towards Al Gore. In almost every article I found some words or phrases that gave the impression
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