Essay about Media Bias and Concentration

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Media Bias and Concentration

After witnessing a hotly contested election and the massive amounts of campaigning done by both parties in effort to inform the public and reach as many voters as possible, one question still remains poignant: Where do we get our information? The myriad landscape that is the media today, can be accessed from almost anywhere, and has, in many ways, entrenched itself in American culture, replacing what used to be standard outlets of information. Television and print news have long dominated the average American household in terms of being used to access information, but new outlets, like the internet and film have grown into major ways in which people learn about what is happening in the world. The emergence
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Such distortions have displaced objective media coverage to the academic sphere and have inhibited the democratic process in many Western nations.

In order to understand how these distortions affect society it is important to understand the history behind the behavior and the methods in which they take place.
The evolution of mass media is directly related to the growth of technology in the 20th century. Multiple technologies helped to lower the cost of printing while improving quality, which resulted in the proliferation of books and newspapers across the country. New technology also gave rise to television and radio becoming household staples and thus prime sources of information. Over the past twenty years, the development of the Internet has pushed news coverage and accessibility to the global scale. Mass media in many ways replaced many of the traditional ways in which people received information and formed decisions. People without access to professional counsel now turn to a television show or a website for assistance. Instead of picking up the local newspaper, millions of people turn to the most popular websites for their news. As of 1999, United Press International reported that 87% of print journalists are connected to the Internet. More than 60 percent of American´s today are active Internet users ( With the advent of mass media, new

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