Media Bias and Its Public Influence

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Do today’s media hold a biased opinion? Political figure heads of modern day America have argued the subject of a biased liberal media for decades. The notion of the media being predominantly liberal is not unheard of because since publicly broadcasted news media first became common, the Republican Party was not yet one to rival the Democrats. The core argument presented is the possibility of a liberal media manipulating the American public and thus influencing them to vote in congruence with the ways of the Democratic political party. Thus far it is simple to see the media clearly holds a bias that is in favor of the liberal viewpoint. I believe the media should not hold an opinion because, it comes through in their coverage and thus…show more content…
David P. Baron hit the nail on the head when he stated that “interest groups seek to influence public sentiment and do so by advocating their position through the news media” (1). And the American public isn’t helping to stop this influence when they place the political analyst on a pedestal as if they are some kind of hero. Not only is it the politicians on the news networks projecting their political viewpoints into the minds millions, but so are the newspapers and magazines that are pushing this liberal favoritism into our hands. It was Robert Bresler who noticed that “If you look at the major magazines such as Vanity Fair, New Yorker, Atlantic Monthly, and Harper's, they all reflect a distinctive liberal perspective” (13). Again, it is seen that liberal news coverage allows only one side to receive a fair hearing, and thus it is the American public that is left to suffer. Furthermore, Bresler has noticed: The great conservative media moguls–Luce, McCormick, Hearst, and Lawrence-are gone; only Ruppert Murdoch still fits that bill. The politics and the culture of Time, Newsweek, and U.S. News have changed dramatically. The New York Times is hardly the gray lady of the past; The Washington Post, Philadelphia Inquirer, and L.A. Times now are routinely liberal; most news paper columnist are predictably liberal (13). With all of the conservative viewpoints in the papers and magazines gone, the only thing left for the American public is the liberal
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