Media By Alex Brunstad, Body Shaming And Social Media

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“Body shaming someone describes how mean the society can be to troll someone on their physical appearance” (Jain). Body-shaming people affects their self-esteem. People think it is normal to criticize the body of others because they are accustomed to do it every day, that sometimes they do not even realize it. Society body shames others all the time, instead of helping them feel secure and happy with their bodies. They want other people to look the way they want to be look at. Body shaming is affecting people physically and mentally.
No doubt, when people express how they feel on social media about other’s bodies, it can affect the people they have on their social media. Because they can be going through the same thing as the person they are describing. Alex Brunstad in “Body Shaming and Social Media”, explains how she feels about social media and that it actually affects her when someone talks about other people’s bodies. The author explains how she feels saying that “social media, originally a platform by which I hoped to give and receive support from likeminded individuals, quickly became a toxic environment for strengthening my relationship with my body”. People that feel insecure about their body expect that others would accept them on how they look and receive support on how they truly feel about themselves. Since they already know how they look, they do not need a remainder.
Body shaming is even more difficult to people that feel insecure about their body every day. “In a society that puts so much emphasis on body image and beauty, it is so easy to get caught up in self -condemnation and body shaming” (Aceves). Society concentrates more on how the person looks physically. Instead of, accepting them on how they are and concentrating on other things. For that reason, people who feel offended thru others want to be accepted by them. They start to stop eating, they become bulimic, anorexic or fall into depression. Just because they want to look at how society wants them to look.
Therefore, to stop these bullies, people that are being body shamed need to stand up for themselves and respond to the comments. For instance, if you are going to a family party and you know that they tend to criticize your

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