Media Convergence : From Mass For Networked Communication

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Media convergence: From mass to networked communication

Literature Review
Media convergence refers to the services and activities emerged through the development of the Internet, where it has allowed for interlink between communication networks and media contents (ALRC, 2015). The establishment of ‘Internet’ has drastically changed the overall communication model in the society in the past 15 years. Where today the communication model has shifted from a mass communication into a networked communication model (Cardoso, 2008). The Internet has allowed for access to both the old and new media, which refers to communication through broadcasting (e.g. radio, newspaper, book etc.) and through the Internet, to be able to access any digital devices (e.g. blogs, social media, online newspapers etc.). This process has enhance human’s understanding of the world today and allowed people to gain greater knowledge of the world through media convergence, it has allowed for interconnection between all types of media through technologies such as mobile phones and SMS technology.

Media convergence involves the movement from mass communication to networked communication. This movement has created a media global environment where moving from mass communicators such as TV or radio to network communicators such as mobile and the Internet. This transition is evident of a technological convergence where it has changed the way news are reported and viewed in today’s world. Where in today’s
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