Media Convergence with Regard to Technology and Its Effects on Every Day Life

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When America went through a period of media convergence with regard to technology, we were essentially combining different types of mass media into one cohesive entity. Forty years ago, the main forms of mass media used were the TV, radio, and newspapers. Now we have multiple forms of media, the Internet is broadcasting radio programming, newspaper articles can be found on the Internet, and commercials that give no other information besides the address of a website. With the improvements of an average cell phone, we have been given the gift of the smartphone. With one smartphone in hand, we are able to read newspaper articles, watch live streaming TV or movies, take pictures or movies, and listen to broadcasted radio. Smartphones can essentially remove the need for the paper newspaper, the television set, the radio, or the personal computer from our lives. My smartphone is used hundreds of times a day, instead of looking for a recipe in my cookbook sitting on the counter; I pull my smartphone out and perform a quick Google search for the recipe. When I need to see, when the next wrestling tournament for the high school is instead of looking at my wall calendar I pull out my smartphone, and check the high school website. My smartphone is programmed to receive weather alerts for my county and surround areas. I also have text alerts sent to my smartphone indicating…
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