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Media Coursework Hovis Advert Analysis In this essay, I will be analysing the 2008, £15 million Hovis TV advertisement. Filmed in Liverpool with a cast of over 750 extras, director Ringan Ledwidge portrays a young boy (13 year old Brian Mackie) buying a loaf of bread in 1886, which was when the first Hovis loaf of bread was sold, and then travelling with the bread tucked under him arm, through 12 decades in British History. The concept behind the advert is to show that Hovis has been around for 122 years and is a British Institution. For this reason, the advert lasts 122 seconds; each second depicting each year. The product is shown to be just as good, hence the slogan “As good today as it’s always been”. Throughout this advert, a range…show more content…
Firstly, in the baker show at the beginning of the advert, the music is slightly upbeat evoking a sense of anticipation. During the wartime bombed area, the music bed level drops and it changes to only slow piano chords to signify the depression and misery of the location. Additionally, it creates tension and emotion for the audience. This music also mirrors the boy’s feelings through the tempo and pitch. The music returns again quietly, with violins playing in a solemn and respectful way for the loss of life from the war. It then begins to build up again with Churchill’s speech, bringing a sense of defiance and a feeling of pride. Another illustration of the music in the advert reflecting the mood of the scene is during the world cup setting. The pace of the melody picks up and the dynamics increase to show excitement, joy and energy. It gets louder and even more instruments are added. In the millennium setting, the tune is at a very fast pace with many diverse instruments all playing at the same time, which gives strong emphasis on the environment’s joyful and ecstatic setting. Throughout the advert, there are a variety of non-diegetic and diegetic sounds. The music in this advert is the only non-diegetic sound. A number of diegetic sounds are used, for example, when the car is passing by in the world cup scene, the chants the fans are yelling are diegetic as the young boy can hear them. This reflects

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