Media Coursework Production Evaluation ( 760 Words )

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A2 Media Coursework Production Evaluation (760 WORDS)
The focus of my investigation was to analyse the representation of women in horror films. The films I had selected were Resident Evil Retribution (2012) and Halloween (1978). In the film, Resident Evil Retribution, the representation of women was stronger, whereas Halloween represented females as weak and vulnerable as they were from a different epoch. I have used codes and conventions and also subverted the representation of women in my opening sequence of the horror film.
The codes and conventions I discovered include:
⦁ Females are represented as weak and vulnerable
⦁ The close up on Halima 's face screaming (Elder Sister)
The subversion of stereotypes of Trapped 2016
⦁The females are not sexually objectified
⦁ Females from an Islamic background
The opening sequence I have created has similar conventions to Halloween (1978). During the closing equilibrium of Judith Myer screaming, implies that she is weak and vulnerable, likewise I have included this in my horror film, where both of the young, female characters’ scream once they see the person with the anonymous mask. The purpose of including this element is to ensure the film is easy to market success, as stated by Steve Neal that if there are repertoires of elements in a film, audiences are more likely to see it as it follows the codes and conventions.
I have selected a medium shot to ensure the audience clearly see the character 's body and it provides
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