Media Coverage Of Childhood Obesity

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Media coverage contributes to how childhood obesity is framed and stigmatized in Canadian society. The media contributes to changes in popular culture, which can affect how the dilemma of childhood obesity is viewed and addressed. Several forms of media, including campaigns, social media, and the news help to construct popular opinions when looking at the issue. The views provided by different media platforms and organizations help to frame the problem of childhood obesity, and address the problems associated with the dilemma. First, media coverage of childhood obesity can be seen from organizations such as the Childhood Obesity Foundation. The organization’s purpose is “…to lead a societal shift toward healthy eating and active lifestyles to promote childhood healthy weights and the resulting physical and emotional impacts” (Childhood Obesity Foundation 2015). The mission statement promotes the idea that childhood obesity could cause unhappiness and sickness for children, and that society needs to change in order to address the issue. A section on the website addresses the current obesogenic environment of society, which it describes as “…places that encourage people to eat unhealthily and not exercise enough” (Childhood Obesity Foundation 2015). The foundation frames society as a negative environment that encourages unhealthy behaviors, requiring changes to a more health-focused society. Furthermore, the website has a section regarding the complications of childhood
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