Media Coverage Of Disability Essay

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Thoughts on Media Coverage of Disability Sport
Currently the Paralympics are occurring until September 18th so it is fitting that in Accelerated composition we read an article entitled “Media Representations of Disability Sport.” I have personally always been interested in the Paralympics as it is something different that is covered by the media, but after discussing this article in class and with other friends I have come to the realization that this fascination with the Paralympics is not generally shared. Half of the people I conversed with over disability sport did not even know that the Paralympics actually occurred and this article covers the reasons for the lack of understanding of disability sport pretty well. Using this article as well as personal knowledge and understanding I am going to dive into why the understanding of disability is so low. I think the title of the article hits the nail right on the head as it is the media that “shapes the representation of social issues,” but why does the media barely cover the Paralympics? Okay, yes, NBC does broadcast the Paralympics but when the Olympics were airing a month ago there was always channels playing different events, news articles about everything from backstories to placements, commercials with the athletes, and a constant conversation about them: “Did you see
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Some people suggest putting the Paralympics before the Olympics and airing them in August, but this would reduce the income of the Olympics probably because it reduce the hype, so the broadcasting networks would not want to do this. Also, airing the Paralympics on off years would be expensive as the Paralympics use the same stadiums as the Olympics so the stadiums would have to be kept usable between the two. Logically speaking there is no way to get more coverage of the Paralympics until the stigma against the disabled is reduced as the monetary cost of any other way to get people more hyped for the Paralympics is too
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