Media Coverage On ISIS

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ISIS has been training young children to fight against the infidels. They have raped multiple women from the age of nine and older. ISIS has begun to expand its borders into Afghanistan; which in turn, is causing the remaining followers of Al Aqidah to join ISIS. Covering the “War on Terror” is a big opportunity for both sides of the campaign, so it is crucial to know whether or not people are getting accurate coverage from the media. The media covering this campaign is depicting accurate coverage, because the media provides information about ISIS by interviewing people who have been affected by ISIS, videoing live ISIS attacks and Yazidi rescue operations, and filming how ISIS is training their followers. Firstly, the media provides accurate coverage on ISIS, because they interview the victims of ISIS. The majority of the people that were interviewed were women, because ISIS uses them as slaves and are treated very poorly. For example, in the video “Escaping ISIS”, a young Yazidi women was interviewed about how ISIS treats their captures. She explained that they would rape several women over the course of a week. Furthermore, she says that ISIS was acting so terrible to these women that the women tried to find ways to commit suicide. She eventually goes into…show more content…
For example, in the film “Escaping ISIS”, there was a secret organization that was trying to rescue some of the people captured by ISIS. This organization videotaped the entire rescue, everything from how the organization works to getting the people out of ISIS territory. However the media does not only video live rescues, but also live “tours” of some of the ISIS hideouts to learn more about ISIS’ lifestyle. For example, in the film “ISIS in Afghanistan”, there is a village that is primarily controlled by ISIS. ISIS uses this village as a training ground for young children and refuge from the Syrian
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