Media Coverage On The Rise Of Digital Piracy

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Evaluation Summary This research project was inspired by continuous media coverage on the rise of digital piracy in Australia, the creation of new legislation related to piracy, in addition to the losses of local film creators and the familiarity of digital piracy within my peers. As a result of my research, I discovered that digital piracy has become common in response to delayed releases and high prices exclusive to Australia, and piracy has severe economic consequences for the film industry. My outcome is in the format of a formal report, following the structure of government reports, explaining the motives and consequences of digital piracy while providing evidence answering my question. My key findings conclude that digital piracy is a result of unjustified high prices and delayed releases, benefitting the distributor financially, but ultimately disadvantaging both local content producers and the consumer as the diversity of films is reduced to a known successful formula. (150 words) Evaluation of the research processes used Internet Sources To commence my research, I analysed online articles and government reports to create background knowledge of my topic. Cross referencing my information with a variety of valid sources also enabled me to accurately define digital piracy. Quantitative research was explored first, and many current surveys and scientific reports were analysed to generate a clear and diverse idea of the motives and consequences of digital piracy. This

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