Media Devices Used in Bend It like Beckham and Billy Elliot Essay

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Media Devices Used in Bend It like Beckham and Billy Elliot Narratives are constructed in many different ways; narrative editing, narrative music, cinematography and mis en scene. This assignment will take you through media devises and method used by the directors of "Bend it like Beckham" and "Billy Elliot" use to construct their narratives. The plots of both films are based on stereotypes and how the main characters are challenging them in each film. This leads to many similarities and differences. "Bend it like Beckham" is set in west London areas; Southall, Hounslow, Twickenham and Ealing, also a section is in Germany. This is about A Indian girl that is growing up in a strict Indian family…show more content…
Her coach, Joe and Jess get close in a club in Germany, at the moment Jules walks outside and sees them. Jules had a massive crush on Joe and as Jess and Jules were best friends Jess couldn't tell her, her feelings for Joe. At home, Jess's dad sees a picture of Jess's football team in the news paper and when Jess gets back they are waiting for her. Jess is forbidden to leave the house for weeks until Joe, the football team couch comes round and tells Jess's mum and dad that they need her in the team, Jess admires him for coming round and facing her parents. Later on it is Pinky's wedding meanwhile there is a football match on that Jess wants to desperately play in, her dad lets her go for the second half and Tony drives her there. Jess's dad comes and watches the match, admiring his daughter's talent. Jess and Jules go to the USA to play football, Joe promises Jess to wait for her. "Billy Elliot" is about a young boy who grew up in the 1980's around the time of the strikes, Billy and his family are in a working class struggle, tight on money, set in County Durham near Newcastle. Billy is learning how to box, because it

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