Media Effect On Public Opinion Essay

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Media has been able to control and influence opinions of the public through news stories within the last 80 years through the development of framing. Framing is when a story or piece of news is portrayed in a certain way that is meant to control the audience’s opinion and attitude, to agree one way or the other that the media wants them to. The technique of framing can be seen as a controlling technique of journalism writing to sway or trick the audience to base their own opinion on what is being presented. The purpose of framing is a method so that public opinion cannot chose to go against what the story is intending the audience to agree with. Journalists argue the point that framing is an important tool that helps reduce certain stories to be complex for the audience to follow and understand, whilst the story is only given a certain amount of time, given the amount of words presented or the amount of airtime to explain the story (Gans, 1979). This media effect can influence public opinion in a psychological way, in which a decision can be made within the news story, given the various options of opinions to evaluate their own judgment(Plous, 1993). In a Sociological approach, individuals cannot understand the world fully without the accessibility to media and news of the world, without it they struggle to make sense to opinionate on the world around them (Goffman, 1974). Through the invention of framing media has been able to control and influence public opinion on various
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