Media Essay : The Epidemic Of Social Media

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Social Media Epidemic Social media and networking seem to play an essential part in everyone’s lives throughout the planet. Many debate whether it is improving or destroying human face to face interaction. This essay doesn’t just focus on the negative impacts but the positive impacts of communication through social media as well. Social media and networking strengthening and weakening communication skills will be explored throughout. Availability to the internet through phones, computers, and other devices has made accessing information and connecting with people as easy as lifting a finger. People are communicating almost all throughout the day via text, e-mail, and social media. Social media has become the norm when it comes to sharing large life events or milestones; such as, baby announcements, engagements, and what someone ate for lunch. Within the past 10-15 years social media has had the largest impact on how people share and take in information. The internet has been a continual source of news, entertainment, and education for more than fifteen years. However, social media did not achieve worldwide popularity until about 2005. With Facebook and Twitter being the information giants of the internet, they are the most visited destinations on the internet. These websites/social outlets allow us to quickly share thoughts, ideas, and stories with others. Making us feel as if we are in a social interaction. Communication skills are embodied by use of social media outlets.

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