Media Essay : The Negative Effects Of Social Media

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SOCIAL MEDIA According to Lisa Buyer, Social media is today’s most transparent, engaging and interactive form of public relations. It combines the true grit of real time content with the beauty of authentic peer to peer communication. social media have a lot of side effects, but there more negative effect than positive effect There are many negative effect of social media. The first one is cyberbullying. Cyberbyllying is an act of harassment towards someone else through an internet or social media. Cyberbullying have a big impact on someone’s else life because it can cause depression and anxiety, it even can lead to suicide if the victim couldn’t handle it well. The second negative effect is social media sites would make a person more…show more content…
A long time ago we should send letter to our relatives that live far away, it needs a lot of time to send them but now you can just use a chat application. It’s a lot easier, faster, and cheaper. The second positive effect is, it can be used for a person to share their voice of opinion to the world. It’ll be very beneficial for both parties, the person who share their opinion or the person who hears it. In this case it’ll be the most beneficial to governments, because they’ll know what’s on their citizens mind, or what happened lately, or the problems that happened in the country. So they can find a good solutions to resolve their problems. On the other hands it’ll be very useful to resolve your problems too. When you have problems you can share it with other people and find a good solution or advices. The third positive effect is it’ll be a lot easier to buy and sell goods. A long time ago if we need to buy something we should go to the store and look for what we need but with social media we can just look for the goods we need in social medis then order and transfer the money. If you have foods to sell you can put them in social media too. It’ll be sold pretty fast because people can access your account easily without come to your place first. Social media can be used for an advertisement too, and the good thing is that it’s free. If you have a store,
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