Media Ethical Issues

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What are ethical issues in relation to the workplace and social media? The workplace is known to have ethical issues, some that many people may not even notice to be an issue. Ethical issues are those that may be faced when the question of “What is right and what is wrong?” comes about. In most cases, people tend to use their grown knowledge, meaning the knowledge that have grown to have from experiences and from the way they were raised, when in actuality a person should like logically and be subjective when it comes to making ethical decisions. When it comes to social media, this can be tricky, because everyone feels entitled to their own opinions, free of speech, and this they are. However, there are boundaries, as with most things in life. These boundaries are set in place to protect the workplaces risk of liability, harassment, bullying, and discrimination policies. How can social media encourage false advertisement in a workplace? Social media is one of the vastest forms of promotion (meaning advertising), and sometimes people in the workplace use that to their advantage. In some workplaces people work to promote certain items or services, and sometimes the employees may go to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. to help promote their service or item. That is not the issues, the issue comes when company’s pay people to say positive things about the company by leaving fake reviews. This is unethical due to the fact that this is a form of false advertisement,
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