Media Ethics: The Ethics Of Social Media And Ethics

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Social Media and Ethics
• Introduction:
Social media is a basic part of every individual’s life. It affects our daily lives and manipulates our mindset accordingly. Nowadays, it is true that social media either makes a nation or breaks a nation. Because its utterly large strength, it is used by many political or international figures as a means to convey messages and get fame. A person as an individual is indulged in various activities using this platform. Advertisements, marketing promos, campaigning, minute to minute updates, daily life activities and socializing; it is all the world of social media. But there are some basic ethics which must be followed the instant a
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Cyber Crimes: If social ethics aren’t followed then any acts of carelessness can turn into hideous crimes. For example explicit content might be spread on the internet or your pictures could be edited and turned into nude images on explicit websites.
13. Positivity: It is not always appreciated that you keep posting negative content, particularly about your country or make curt remarks about the system. Try to make the world a better place and be positive by showing a good side of your country.
14. Real world vs. Cyber world:
Always know when to draw the line between the real world and the cyber world. The life people show on a website may not be their actual lives and they may not be as famous in real lives as they are in the cyber world.
15. Permissions:
Always ask people for permission before tagging them anywhere publicly or before using their private content for public use. Show a sense of responsibility.
16. Fake Adverts:
There are many people on the internet who find ways to devise such fake adverts which then lead them to send a virus in your system and make you at a huge risk of security. Hence, think twice before clicking any attractive

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