Media Has Too Much Pressure On Girls

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When she was a young teenager she thought that she was fat and ugly. She decided that she needed to do something about it. When she started to lose weight her friends said that she was skinnier than anything they had ever seen before. She dieted and used the exercises from weight loss videos. She never felt any smaller so she continued with this unhealthy lifestyle. She became anorexic and weighed only about eighty pounds. What gave her and other young girls this idea that to be pretty you also have to be thin? Many believe it is the media (“Thought I Was Fat and Ugly”). That media could be television, advertising, or magazines. The media has put too much pressure on girls to have “perfect” bodies because of how much television we watch, companies using models that are much smaller than the average American woman, and many young girls are not satisfied with their bodies. Not only the images from television shows are unfair, but the advertisements on television and in other forms of media are influencing what people, especially young girls think about their bodies. We are exposed to thousands of TV advertisements each year. Eighty percent of Americans watch television every day. Eight to Eighteen year olds spend seven and a half hours on some form of media each day (“The Media, Body Image, and Eating Disorders”). “Advertising accounts for about 30 percent of all television airtime. The average child watches twenty thousand television commercials every year” (“The Media and…
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