Media Images And Self Concepts

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In my article about media images and self-concepts, they start off by talking about how different research method have created different assumptions about how media affects us. The article states that quantitative methods (number based data) suggest that people are influenced through media. This differs from interpretive work which show that individuals have the power to resist the ideas media is giving to you and be critical about it. Interpretive approaches focus on the symbolic interactionist perspective which states that nothing has inherent meaning and meaning is created by humans interacting with one another. Human give meaning to situations because they adapt to the environment they are in because according to symbolic interactionists individuals can control their environment. As a society we cannot be separated from each other. The article states that the meaning you get from a specific media source is not directly there and how we interpret the messages creates that specific meaning. The meaning derived from interaction with one another guides how society behaves. The actions that people engage in because of the meaning given to situations makes them interpret the process due to these interactions. Media images may alter ideas of what we considered normal or ideal which can coincide with deviance. If a thought, feeling, or action is out of the social norm it is considered deviant. So media can show deviant actions or non-deviant actions to persuade their audience.
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