Media Images ' Influence On Adolescent Girls ' Self Concept Essay

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Melissa Milkie’s article, Media images’ influence on Adolescent Girls’ self-concept, explores forms of media, more specifically magazines directed at teen girls, that effect young girls’ self -concept. Milkie demonstrates how our self-concepts are impacted by what we perceive others think of us and how we use the “third-person effect” in where we underestimate how much influence the media actually has on ourselves compared to others (54). Some of the major points of the article are the research methods and findings. Using a subsample of 60 high school girls from two different demographic populations (one rural, predominantly white high school and one ethnically diverse urban high school), Milkie studied the findings of the impact of girls’ magazines on teenage females. The results of this study showed that girl’s ethnic status, along with the differences in region, made a significant difference in whether the girls felt any connection with the images of beauty portrayed by the media. Using the Social Structure and Personality perspective (SSP), we can view the media as an agent of socialization, a nexus between adolescent girls and society’s expectations of how the “ideal” adolescent girl (and/or woman) is supposed to look and behave by society’s standards. The Social Structure and Personality perspective states that our position in the strata affects our individual experiences and characteristics (Rohall, Milkie, and Lucas 2014:38-44). In this sense, we can correlate
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