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The media is a powerful tool in the twenty-first century. Media, the main means of communication, and the power of social media makes an impact on the world as a whole. In terms of the LGBT community, the individuals apart and not a part of this group can be greatly impacted by what people and the press say and do. Many of the stereotypes in this community are appreciable and promoted in the media. Through these, there is a great impetus at odds with everyone and anyone apart or leaning towards the LGBT community. In 2012, there were nine million people a part of this community, a number that has continued to rise (Gates). The number of people who are in this population group is hard to identify because the census currently does not ask about sexual orientation, thus it is hard to measure. Also since gay marriage was deemed legal in June 2015, there has been a great rise in the number of LGBT community members. The amount of bullying and harassment towards these people has also greatly raised which is where our problem begins. Since there is a persistent presence of this problem, the people who belong to this community, feel more and more threatened by the day. The ending to stereotyping of the LGBT community members in the press and from people, and the creation of laws and restrictions, would make people feel more comfortable being themselves in society, more willing to embrace who they are, and will improve the ethicality of stereotypes all over.

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