Media Impact On Social Media

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Nowadays, social media is a part of young people’s life style. Due to the social media, the lifestyle is more convenient, and easy to get plenty of information. From those influences, young investor is getting increasing. the number of under 25 years old who invest become doubled during past five years which is from 10 to 20 percent. (Barrymore, 2017) The reason why the number of young investor increased, it is because of the social platform. Especially, social influencer has a big impact on young people.” Social influencer is a new type of independent third party endorser who shape audience attitudes through blogs, tweets, and the use of other social media.” (Freberga, Grahamb, McGaugheyc & Frebergc, 2017) Because of many young people use social media, young people are easily to get impact from social influencer. Recently, Japanese enterprise name VALU which can invest person to person are famous for young people. Person sell his ability and someone buy his ability to get consideration from the company. One of the famous young Youtuber promote VALU by youtube and engage with this company to get plenty of money. Those young people can be social influencer and also investor. From those reasons, many of young people are inspired by media and become an investor. The reason why young people invest is because young people don't have any family or children, besides young people has long life, therefore even young people face to the risk, people can do rehabilitation. Bond
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