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Do you have Facebook, or another social media account? Turns out, over 1.86 billion people also have Facebook. New media usage in our society has been increasing at a significant rate. Ever since the rise of new media, there has also been a rise of technology critiques. These critiques find all the negative outcomes of new media; there has been a decline of face-to-face communication, people are becoming lethargic. Though there may be various reasons why the rise of new media is harmful, there is also one very important reason why it is beneficial; new media provides a platform for the voices of the underrepresented to be heard.
In this paper, I will be discussing how new media enabled progress and social change by enabling the LGBT community and other underrepresented communities to have a voice.

Various sources have reported that social media has given the LGBT community a voice by bringing together supporters regardless of distance and easily spreading awareness to places that may not be informed about the LGBT community. An article released by Salzburg Academy on Media & Global Change called Social Media and the LGBT community discusses exactly that. They write, “Individuals and groups have used social media to gather, physically and virtually, to promote and support LGBT issues and rights — and they have done so in countries that are both are tolerant and intolerant of LGBT rights” (Glasionov, n.d). An article by Tech Impact called How LGBT Organizations Use

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