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In modern society mobile technology and social media have become ever engrossing and are constantly merging with parts of society. For instance, the role of a public figure that supports what they believe to be a honourable ideology, what was once a primarily television based role, has now become dominated by personality from social media platforms. These individuals used to be limited by their success through traditional media sources, providing a gate keeping sort of effect (Singer, 2013). Along with the the popular adoption of social media into mainstream society, came a dissolution of the success of these gatekeepers, and a new wave of influencers able to get their own message out through these services. Joe Rogan is an excellent example of this positive influencer utilizing social media and mobile technology to garner a fanbase to support his cause. Joe is a public figure who became famous through his comedy and acting career, as well as through his role commentating MMA for the UFC. Online he is a proponent of a healthy and active lifestyle and alternative medical treatments. He uses his connection with the UFC to procure information from the leasing doctors, scientists, and experts in nutrition, exercise, and mental health. He consistently leverages his following on social media to spread the message of balanced healthy lifestyle including: regular exercise, healthy dieting, and meditation. He also supports the use of some drugs for medical purposes. Due to his

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