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Social media has opened up a new range of possibilities for brands and marketers all over the world. Social media refers to a collection of websites and applications on the internet that facilitate interactions, communication and the distribution of content created by users on a large scale (Cooper, 2016). In general, social networking sites, blogs, content sharing websites, commerce communities and business networking websites are all categories of social media (Mangold and Faulds, 2009). The most common form of social media is social networking sites, which can be classified as internet based services that allow users to create profiles, connect with other users and view content created by themselves and their list of connections (Ellison, 2007). In addition to traditional marketing techniques, companies can use online social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook to sell products and services, spread brand awareness and most importantly, interact and engage with consumers. There has been an increasing interest in studying consumer engagement among marketers and practitioners. Many brands and firms recognize the importance of engaging with consumers and the long-term benefits such as close and profitable relationships that arise from it. According to Lujja and Özata (2017), engaging with consumers via social networking sites results in brand satisfaction, trust, commitment and loyalty. Understanding the benefits of engagement has lead to many researchers
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