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Many people today participates or are involved in at least one of the social media platforms including facebook, twitter, wikia, instagram, etc. Social media is seen as the main resource people go to in order to find research. This leads to what people consider one of the biggest factor that plays in the change of political landscape from decades ago which is the internet. Social media in particular plays a major part in political viewpoints and the people's viewpoint on the topic. In today's world it is very hard to distinguish between the fake news and conspiracy because thousands of news are being posted that seems authentic. Even though, some social media platforms are trying to help users spot the difference between the real actual news and the fake news, many people are incapable of doing research and believe everything they read. In of the studies it is stated that “62 percent of US adults get news on social media” and therefore as more people are unable to detect inauthentic headlines, the more it is likely to spread globally. Furthermore, social media is also responsible for reinforce confirmation bias especially in politics. One of the biggest problem that social media has among people is the fact that more people are becoming simple minded and only wanting to hear what they want or most of the times someone who support their opinion. Even though social media enables people to exploit different viewpoints, people tend to exploit information that support their
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