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Mass Media and the Influence on America and Television
By. Mozelle Jones

In real life, we are in Mass Media and we did not even know it. Everything from you learning to just leisure involvement. The cultural products that influence mass media and has taking part is Net Flix. It has made an impact on the movie business where television can be used to see movies and mass media. Television still has an impact on cultural meanings. It shows us the news, ads, and movies that change when the culture evolves. Many look at Netflix as just another outlet for renting movies but it has taking over the main screen by giving people the choice of which movie that they want to view. NetFlix has impacted the internet in today’s
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Cultural Products such as toy ads and vacation ads cater to children and adults. Most people feel the same way I feel about the media on television that shows the commercials that capture the attention to all. Some of us know the commercials rather than shows and the news it has taken over the culture. I really think that the ads are better than some shows and anything else that comes on television. It shapes the culture for children and adults, because it helps to find out your likes and dislikes. Advantages and Disadvantages of ads is the desire of these products, that means the commercial can be an advantage for mass media and the culture that help shape America. Disadvantages of Ads is when it can harm people, have a recall and consumers do not know. Therefore ads can affect or effect the cultures in America.

Movies has changed America, live in living color, it has showed and expressed the changes. The media is really the outlet for new movies as well as NetFlix the new way of seeing movies instead of the theater. The actresses and actors are usually mobbed by media wanting to know their real life so he comes Reality Television. Movies are made for any race and any gender in America. It has impacted people so much that people have changed their lives. It’s normal for people to admire stars in movies. NetFlix has changed the movies industry by marketing movies on the internet and in rentals. It has made it easier to see movies and

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