Media Influence On American Culture Essay

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Shaskia Monestime HUM/186 - MEDIA INFLUENCES ON AMERICAN CULTURE ALLYSON WELLS 07.17.2017 There have been so many major developments in the evolution of mass media we now live in a day and age where we are constantly continuously connected. I have greatly always been fascinated by how much things have changed in just fifteen years. Fifteen years ago when I was sixteen and looking for a job. I would have to walk into an establishment and physically fill out a paper application and sometimes get an immediate interview. The other options were to use a news paper to look for jobs. Now just fifteen years later not even a century I can down load an application have my resume uploaded and apply for twenty jobs in a matter of minutes and receive call backs the same day it’s incredible. In the last century we have gone from the radio invention with just sound listening to movies, to black and white TV set, to color TV set to big flat screen TV that can go 3D. Our American culture has been heavily influence by the different developments we cannot talk to a loved one thousands of miles away and see them through video. We can connect with hundreds and thousands of people through in click of a button; through one…show more content…
I don’t use it often personally but I do know how to check media and different news outlets. It’s important to make sure that we know what is going on around us so that we are not left behind as things change. As we get other jobs and promotions we want to make sure that we can keep up and that we can use what the new technology. It’s nice to see even the older generation taking classes to learn how to use smart phones. In the same regard I do feel that we should use this technology wisely. We need to be more mindful of what we share and say. How we use these developments is entirely up to each individual person we can use them for good or use them
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