Media Influence On Social Media

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81% of Americans have a social media profile. It’s no wonder social media shape and reshape our social interactions. social media influence the way we interact socially because social media affects the topics we talk about, the language we use, and even the way we write. Popular culture is associated with social medias. And our Social medias are a look into a part of who we are. It's all connected the trendy videos, pictures, and sayings being shared come from our social media where we get influenced at. People are addicted to their phones. Since people are constantly on social media that can affect the way someone writes grammatically and artistically. Someone who makes grammatical errors while texting to tweeting might make them while writing for example a paper. People might also write using terms that are not actual words, but trendy made up words used by young adults. Fetch is used as something cool. In a social gathering if you present any type of slang you will appear as childish Social media also affects the writer artistic point of view. The writer mostly likely will choose a relevant topic he or she sow on social media. They will choose that topic to try to connect with the reader. A lot of movies and tv shows script writers do the same thing to catch people’s attention. Lately there has been a lot of natural disasters. Since that topic is relevant there has been a large amount of natural disasters movies coming out soon. Another example of this is the Ellen
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