Media Influence On Teenagers

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This study is aimed at focusing on how the media influences marijuana use among teenagers, particularly how it has increased this activity among adolescents.
The role of the media is crucial in society, it contributes significantly to the way we communicate and carry out certain activities. Media comes in many forms whether it be through the newspaper, radio, television, computers or even through magazines, it plays an important role in the society. It connects us to the world and it helps us to understand the different scenarios of this world. It greatly affects our lives and it has the power to influence our thoughts and this influence can be positive or negative.
The media has influenced our society and our teenagers both positively and negatively. As it relates to the use of drugs, alcohol and violence the media had significantly helped with the increase and decrease of these activities. Marijuana use has been positively and negatively portrayed by the media in many ways, whether it be through music videos, tv shows, radio, internet etc. According the National Council of Drug Abuse in Jamaica the most commonly used drugs are Alcohol, Marijuana, crack/cocaine and tobacco. Alcohol is the most commonly abused drug among young adults and adolescents. It is a drug that researchers say adolescents depend on and they aren’t concerned with the increasing and potential dangers of the use of it. We know that the media exposure on marijuana and other drugs increases on a daily
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