Media Influence On The Media

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Our basic perspectives about our world, issues, culture comes from the media influence we’ve been exposed to our entire lives. The power the media has over our attitudes, values and beliefs is incomprehensible. Which is why it is crucial to remain critically aware whilst reading media articles, and to always question and draw opinions on what you are being told. As we venture into adulthood, it is important that you are mindful of the power of an author’s positioning in the media through several techniques and effects. This leads us into the deconstruction of the Article ‘Same Sex Marriage debate is disgusting and Dangerous’ by Andrew Bolt to signpost how an author can persuade you into succumbing to their invited reading.

This article on The Herald Sun by Andrew bolt represents a society that is focused on the rights, freedom and equality of marriage. Whilst Bolt isn’t explicitly stating his viewpoint on the issue, he remains extremely biased against the campaigns and initiatives used to promote voters to vote in favour of same-sex marriage. He compares the same-sex marriage debate as a ‘brawl’ amongst the elite, and a way for the elite to exercise their power over the citizens of Australia.

Andrew Bolt’s writing is forceful, self-assured and highly opinionated however he uses evidentiary support to link his argument to position the reader to question their standpoint on the issue of Gay Marriage and whether their vote of ‘Yes’ is their own opinion or the product of
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