Media Influence On The Media

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Media It’s pretty clear that the elections are much different than they used to be, and we can blame our easy access to media for that. The people learn everything they know about politics through things they see on television and the link they just shared on facebook. But is that even real, are they polluting our minds with unnecessary drama? Anything from magazines to the social media on our iphones help influence the opinions of voters, set the behavior of the candidates, and the public agenda.
Since the 1950’s the newspaper has been the number one source of receiving information. But this is no longer the case, sales of newspaper in households have gone down, while the population has gone up. This means that 20% of national papers is now in less than 8% of households (Greenslade. 2011). Whether or not you still read the newspaper, they are usually biased. This traditional source of media is an important ingredient in the public's opinion. The news then shares the public's opinion with other media, including home, school, work and church. But how does the newspaper influence the people on how they vote? There is a similar disconnection between the newspaper and the election outcome, which can be assured in both Canada and the US. This means that the voters basically are voting as the newspaper tells them to. This sounds negative but we shouldn’t underestimate what they say, although newspaper sales are quickly falling, they still retain influence over the media
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