Media Influence: The Cause of Copycat Crimes

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It would be difficult to explicitly state that the cause of copycat crimes is the media's influence. However, there is an abundance of evidence that readily indicates that the media certainly exacerbates the effects of sensational, tragically violent crimes. It does little to deter such future crimes from occurring. More significantly, it presents a viable platform to grant maximum exposure to the motive, methodology, and demeanor of the individual who perpetuated such a crime. Although the media cannot readily be labeled the cause of copycat crimes, it certainly increases the likelihood that copycat crimes will occur in the future. Essentially, the media provides the means for copycat crimes by broadcasting virtually everything anyone would need to know to duplicate such a criminal action. This fact is readily alluded to by Joseph Grenny in the subsequent quotation. The consensus of social scientists"¦is that highly publicized stories of deviant and dangerous behavior influences copycat incidents. Phillips' and"¦subsequent studies showed"¦that suicide rates spike in the week after an"¦.publicized celebrity suicide (Grenny, 2013). Moreover, Grenny's article alludes to the fact that in the case of crimes such as school shootings, the media routinely discloses an intimacy of details such as the shooter's characteristics, traits, and method of pursuing his deadly duty. Essentially, the media is responsible for creating celebrities out of villains. Regardless of how a

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