Media Influence on Human Beings

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Media Influence on Human Beings Every minute and every hour, the world we know revolves around the Internet. Relying on the Internet for every important aspect of life. People depend on the Internet for research, bills, communication, and most importantly reading. Through experience, the Internet helps ease many obstacles but it also aids in generating greater complications. Nicolas Carr, author of is Google Making Us Stupid? Argued the negative effects of using the Internet (Carr). Carr explained that blinking advertisements and hyperlinks are just of the few never ending distractions that flood the Internet. Thus, converting a simple task into a grueling mission. I also noticed that the more I use the Internet, the greater the distraction becomes. Webpages seem to recognize what the user is trying to research and generates pop-ups in accordance to the initial point of interest. Hence, filled with unnecessary advertisements, videos, and hyperlinks. article Is Google Wrecking Our Memory, without a doubt contributes negative effects towards reading (Thompson). Using websites such as, creates distractions, breaks concentration, and forms inefficient reading and thinking patters. People soon find themselves swiftly clicking away. Bringing all sort of unusable information to their attention. So much distraction, so much temptation, and yet, manage wander away. Ultimately, Internet users end up skimming, and worse skipping the important reading, while
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