Media Influence on Modern Society Essay

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Our society is slowly but drastically, devolving. We let the media take total control over every aspect of us, how we dress, who we talk to, what we eat, even how we think. Everyone thinks they are their own person but no one ever stops to think of why they do what they do. The media has never had as much control as they do now. As we go on reading our newspapers and our magazines, no one stops to think of what we're reading, how many things don't add up or make sense. We just accept it to be the truth. We have lost all the intelligence we once had striven for, now we simple look up to television to educate our children. Have you seen what it's brought us? Homicides, suicides, pro-drugs influences, the image of being a…show more content…
The lack of funding information makes this an ugly tax view and a bit of a striping of even more liberties. One of Obama?s tax proposals is to eliminate all federal taxes imposed on senior citizens making under $50,000 per years and not requiring them to file tax returns. This may be a good way to get the senior vote, but it?s much more complicated than it seems. First of all, senior citizens often have income from multiple sources including capital gains, dividends, Social Security, retirement plans, etc. Determining their exact income would still require the same effort as filing a tax return. Additionally, this plan gives special tax treatment to a group if individuals based solely on their age, which seems like borderline age discrimination. Why should a struggling single mother have to pay taxes on her $49,999.00 income when a retired grandmother would pay noting on the same income amount? The media has destroyed our generation, sure it brought loads of entertainment but so things don?t need to be made into another chance to have fun, such as voting, marriage, having religion, and the concept of death. Even our youth are becoming soulless killers, mainly because of the music and the influences behind them. As rappers get more money and power, our youth have become brainwashed and in love with these parasites, destroying our country. Gangs are forming everyday, homicide rates are becoming insane, all because of
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