Media Influences On American Culture

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Jalisa Jackson
Allyson Wells
Media Influences on American Culture

The Media

The internet is a global computer network providing a variety of information and communication facilities, consisting of interconnected networks using standardized communication protocols. (Dictionary) Anything can be leaked onto the internet. It can be about a person, a movie, an invention, something about the government, etc. Someone finds that it has been leaked and they delete it off the internet but before they did a couple of people seen it. They start telling their version of what they saw, what it is going to be about, what it can do, or what they did. Then people read it and begin to tell what they read and before you know it is all over the internet and now any and everybody can see it. This is called easily obtainable information. First what does easily obtainable information mean. Obtainable is something you can get your hands on. Easily obtainable information is information that is easy to get access to. These days you can access information with just a click of a button. When something is obtainable you are able to hold on to, take or acquire it. The bad thing about this is that they are not always reliable or dependable. It is a secondary source so it will take time before it would be put out into the public. Information is passed on by different sources and if every source tries to put the information into their own words it becomes un- reliable and false information

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