Media Influences On Children 's Life

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Media influences through many types of communication systems and has a massive effect on people’s life, but are Americans fully aware that food industries generally targets children? The lawsuit brought by two teenagers, Ms. Bradley a 19 years old, weighs 270 pounds, Ms. Pelman a 14 years old, weighs 170 pounds, was whether McDonald’s was responsible for their obesity because McDonald’s did not provide the necessary information about the health risks associated with its meals that they eat. Placing the blame into the fast food industry for allegedly contributing to their obesity and health problems. The media through many types of advertisement promotes unhealthy foods, high in saturated fat, large amounts of fructose sugars, salt, as the ideal food options. Many may agree that it was their own wrongdoing that contributed to their obesity, but what about if people would give the teenagers some credibility to their allegations. Therefore, people can take into consideration the theory that media has a huge negative influence on what American children eat. Media influence is something people should certainly always be aware of. Children on a daily basis read magazines, listen to the radio, watch television or check their online social media for the latest trends in the world, children are opening themselves up to be programmed by the media routinely. Why are children the main target by the food industries? Media has a negative influence on children’s food choices through
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