Media Influences On The Media

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Media is a very powerful factor in today’s world, it influences the way that the public thinks about situations and problems in today’s society. News and social media put out there own thoughts of a problem in the country. When they do this, it gives a perspective to the general people to base off of and make a conclusion on the situation. The media such as news on television and internet can be manipulating minds of the general public to believe what they say. Media actually has there own opinions and that is what they portray to the people. The media influences many things from politics to public court hearings, giving there opinion on it all. Lots of times the media uses reputation to make a broadcast about their discussion topic. People with a bad reputation will not be treated as fairly as one with a good reputation. The media influences people in many ways such as food and drinks, medicine, products, and many other advertisements. They manipulate minds to think these products are built very well or tastes very well and that it comes at a cheap price, or their is a sale on the product. They advertise medicine and say that it will make you feel better when really you don 't know what will help you because you should consult a doctor. The news feeds so much garbage into our minds with drama and advertisements along with opinions of politics. A recent debate in news was the Presidential election for 2016 between Donald J. Trump and Hillary Clinton ( who had

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