Media Influences Terrorism

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Terrorism has been a controversial topic ever since the 19th century, during Napoleon’s invasion of Spain in 1807 (White, Jonathan, et al. 123). The term’s meaning has changed over time throughout history, and has sparked debates over its true definition (White Jonathan, et al. 7). It was not until after the 9/11 attacks, when the media started to bring terrorism in its headlines. By then, terrorism became a popular topic for its drama. Drama attracts audiences to read, watch, or listen to their advertisements (White, Jonathan, et al. 74). I believe the media does influence terrorism because it attracts attention, generalizes certain groups of people, and the use of communicating through the internet. Without having terrorism in their “topics-to-talk-about” list, any other news coverage would be considered as, “boring”. To begin with, one of the most noticeable factors the media has with influencing terrorism is attracting attention. The government uses ways of sending their messages to the media; who then displays the message to the viewers. One way would include reporting terrorist events (White, Jonathan, et al. 74). There are advantages and disadvantages to reporting terrorism. The advantage would be allowing the public to know what is going on in their country or in other countries. On the other hand, a disadvantage to that would be that it is giving the terrorist the attention that they wanted. Terrorists love the attention because their actions are witnessed by many
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