Media Influences The People Who Watch It Or Are People Influencing The Media?

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Is media influencing the people who watch it or are people influencing the media? One such show challenges both those questions and its South Park. South Park is a show that parodies absolutely everything that goes on in popular culture and the world. The show is about four young boys that deal with bizarre and outragues or even disturbing events in their town of South Park. The show may look like a cartoon but the show itself is NSFW and those easily disturbed or offended will not enjoy the show what’s so ever. At the same time however, the show does provide a sort of a culture shock to any current events going on and makes its viewers think twice about it whether it be positive or negative. Like most American television shows the main characters in the show are promitly white. Even with most characters being white a lot of there are episodes always have other minorities sprinkled around as the main characters of that episode even if it is represented mostly as a stereotypes of that group. Still, South Park does bring a lot of awareness to important topics like race or sexuality but it’s influenced by society while oddly enough influences society in turn. In the first episode I watched I did tally more white males than anything else as the main characters of the episode but both episodes I watched had other social classes and races that balanced out the tally. I Believe the reason for a majority of white males in this show is because the creators Matt stone and Trey…
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