Media Influences Young Teenagers On Their Body

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Media influences young teenagers on their body
What do you see as beauty? Is it having perfect body, or face? Many teenagers do not understand that the perfect body image that they see on media is not realistic. Numerous teenagers are not comfortable in whom they are because of lack of confidence. They look up to the celebrities that appear the prettiest or the ones who have a picture-perfect body. Why is it so important to change who you are because of others say? Media manipulates our minds by making us do things that we are not comfortable in because it’s the new trend. Media has taken the center stage of influencing the behaviour of teenagers to have a negative insight on their body image. These negative effects include having eating disorders, and having emotionally, physically, mentally depression, and obligating plastic surgery.

First of all, young girls want to have a thin body like models so that they wouldn’t be categorized as fat. Eating disorder causes many young teens to rarely eat food which causes them to become skinny, this highly increases anorexia, and bulimia. As you see in television, magazines, or the newspapers it shows that being on diet makes other people lives happy, which is trying to emphasize that being skinny is superior. In many commercials we see several diet products tested out by people, to shows us that these products work. All these commercials are just full of lies, If the diet products actually worked why are there so many of them? When
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