Media Interventions : Marketing Of The Movies

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4. Media Interventions in Marketing of the Movies Introduction In India, media consists of television, radio, cinema, newspapers, magazines, and internet. These can be categorized as follows: Alternate media: It includes magazines, radio, TV, newspapers etc. Modern Media: It consists of Internet, social media, blogs etc. Print Media: Print media comprises of newspapers, magazines etc. Audio visual media: AV media consists of radio and TV etc. Outdoor media: Outdoor media is composed of hoardings, wall paintings, posters etc. Indoor media: Indoor media comprises of in store advertising. Media helps in promoting movies – Past In the past years, movies were promoted by means of newspaper, radio and TV. Radio was the only medium before television came into picture. People could only afford radio and not tv. Later came black n white tv with only doordarshan channel which was used to broadcast the shows and movies once in a while. Newspapers were used to print big size one page posters and also release the show timings of various theaters in and around the city. This still continues to be a part of the daily newspaper. In the last 10 years, daily soaps have become more popular than movies. So now movie stars use an episode of these shows to promote their films on a large scale. Role of Media in marketing of movies – Present The role of media has changed and evolved for the better drastically. The following are the popular medium used for marketing of movies: 1. Radio: Film
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