Media Invasion of the Private Lives of Celebrities

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Celebrities nowadays live under painful stressed conditions at all times. The audience is curious to know everything about their idolised star and this leads to the media invading their private lives by trying to get the hottest gossip about them. As a result of constant attention given to them, their personal lives get over exposed and keeping their lavish lifestyle in the public eye and sometimes ruin the lives of the celebrities. So are famous people treated unfairly by the media? That is what I am going to discuss here. In this essay I will argue how the media unfairly treats well know people, talk about the incidents that happened to famous people that proves that the media does not treat them fairly, state what if think the media should focus on other than treating famous people unfairly and conclude by giving my own opinion regarding this matter

The media unfairly treats famous is busy sticking its nose in the celebrities’ business , they cannot find anything better to do than to cause ridicule. The media tell all these things without considering the consequences and as a result celebrities are always getting hurt. They do all this under freedom of speech. Famous people are normal people like us. They work to entertain us so why should the media interfere into their private lives? The media unfairly treats well know people by exposing their secret lives just to sell and make more profit and bring popularity for themselves, which as a result causes a

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