Media Is A Good Representation Of Society

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Media is a good representation of society. Often times television shows like to depict the idea of family and togetherness. In recent times, there has been a rise in the popularity of television shows that represent non traditional familes of various types. “This is Us” is a show about the lives of several people who happen to share the same birthday, and how these people grow as individuals. There are physical, cognitive and psychosocial aspect of this series. The creator of the show, Dan Fogleman, says that his inspiration was “basically just people” (Andreeva, 2016). The story follows the lives of three sibilings or “triplets,” one of which are not biological. During their birth, one of the triplets was still born, but coincidentally on that same day an African American baby who had been abandoned at a firehouse was brought into the hospital. Because of these events the father of the triplets decided to take him in as his own. The storyline follows the lives of the parents and the children through time. The only girl, Kate, struggled in middle childhood with her weight. Her mother would often caution her about what she was eating and wouldn’t let her eat what the boys (her other two siblings) were eating. At this age, she was being bullied and isolated from her peers. She often compared herself to her own mother’s smaller frame. In a flash forward scene, it is shown that she is now in middle adulthood and is overweight. She enrolls herself into an overweight counselling

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