Media Is Considered One Of The Four Agents Of Socialization

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Media is considered one of the four agents of socialization in the science of Sociology. Like the other agents (family, school, peers), the media is part of our learning to behave in society and what are the expected norms and ideals that shape our society. In the past the media was not as powerful an agent as it is today. There are many reasons for this.

Entertainment media is more prevalent in our life. Thanks to cable television, the internet, phones and other electronic devices, the media is more integrated into every moment of our lives like never before. Also, the media is constantly pushing the envelope on what is acceptable behavior and norms. Our society is being redefined not by the members of the society, but rather a select
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While watching violent programing, listening to rap music or playing violent video games won 't necessarily cause someone to commit a violent act, being exposed to violence in any form can desensitize violence into a normalcy. Example, imagine a person that grows up with a abusive parents, the person comes to realize that the abuse she/he suffers from her/his parents is normal and can only react to it in a two of ways if they ultimately have children. They will reenact the violence under the notion that abuse is normal, or they won 't reenact the violence after having learned some where during their time growing up that their parents we 're wrong and that abuse is wrong. If they chooses to abuse their children under the notion that abuse is normal, the abuse from their parents wouldn 't necessarily be the cause (as abusive parents exist that didn 't have abusive parents, not an absolute catalyst), but will have been a contributing factor. Often abusive parents were once abused as children. Abusive parents can aid in their children becoming abusive later in life but it 's not an absolute, there are many other factors to consider. Lack of a concerned parental figure is what causes problems in the youth. Personally, I don 't blame music if some teen does something wrong. There 's usually a lot more to blame. We are constantly influenced and bombarded with information and the thing that keeps us civilized is our morals. Violent games or
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