Media Is The Blame For Eating Disorders

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1. Introduction
a. Attention getter:
i. Perfection. A word that will never be attainable but so many of young women strive for it. Why? Magazines, instagram, twiter, facebook, snapchat. Today’s media has dominated the way young women see themselves. Young women are constantly comparing themselves to Kendall Jenner, Kim Kardashian, or even their best friend.
b. Relevance statement:
i. Many people can relate to media being the blame for eating disorders because they’ve either dealt with this or know someone who has had an eating disorder due to what the media says you should look like.
c. Thesis statement:
i. When thinking of how the media can manipulate your idea of what a perfect body is, it makes since that it is the blame for women having eating disorders.
d. Credibility statement:
i. I’ve known quite a few women in my life that has gotten eating disorders due to what they think they should look like because of what the media displays to us.
e. Preview of Main Points: in order to back up my argument, I’ve come up with three points to discuss:
i. How models in the media have gotten smaller overtime ii. Photo editing to get the “perfect” body makes women turn to eating disorders to obtain that look iii. Woman with low self-esteem turn to eating disorders to boost there confidence
2. Body
a. Main Point: How models and celebrities in the media have gotten smaller overtime
i. In the 1950s, photo editing was insignificant, only glorifying a woman’s natural body,…
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