Media..Its Social Responsibility and Ethics

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Author: Sonia Naik Designation: Student Email ID: Contact no: 08861297419 ABSTRACT This paper analyses the need of ethics in the media today. It tries to explore how the media is being politically and financially driven and how the media forgets its responsibility towards society in its race to get high TRPs. The paper brings out the ethical questions raised in different fields of the media. It also highlights how the media moves away from its primary role, how important are ethics in media, how do media maintain their ethics and what happens when media stops focusing on ethics and its social responsibility. Through this paper I wish to make each individual aware of the role each of us plays in the media.…show more content…
Moreover, it seems to be going backward and not forward. The amount of skin exposure and the foul language used has now become a major concern. It raises ethical questions as to what effects it has on the young minds. The youth want to be exactly what they see in the cinema. And the obscenity shown affects the young and tender minds faster that it affects anyone else. The cinema now only focuses on sensationalism. And the matters films deal with, are far-fetched and not at all connected to reality. The question is, where do we draw the line? For how long can films manipulate the truth? The cinema needs to be ethical so that it can inspire change. But if you look at it now, the state is quite contradictory. 3) ETHICS IN REALITY TELEVISION The media has done an amazing job in making us question reality. The number of reality shows on television has increased tremendously in the last few years. Shows like Emotional Atyachar, Sach ka Samna, Rakhi ka Insaaf etc. have captured the attention of the public. Shows like Big Boss follow formats that make the viewer believe that everything that they see on the screen is real. But the truth is that most if not all of the reality shows on television today are all staged. The people taking part in these shows are in fact paid to act in a particular way. And as the audience we fall for
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