Media Journalism : Public And Criticize Policies

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In the free society of the United States of America, journalism is freely expressed in all measures to inform the public and criticize policies. Besides the fact that media journalism keeps the public up to date with current events, more importantly, it provides checks and balances on the government. Keeping a close eye on the government limits the possibility of corruption and other scandals such as the Watergate Scandal. Throughout the history of journalism, there have been a variety of ways to get messages out to the public. The main components of journalism that are still used today include newspaper, radio, television, and the internet. The earliest of newspapers in the American colonies was published by Benjamin Harris but was shut down shorty due to lack of a required license. The paper contained 4 sheets of paper that included a blank sheet for readers to add their own news and pass it along. Contrary to the type of neutral toned journalism we are used to today, the content back then consisted of fierce criticism of the tyranny of the British rule. The British, in return, cracked down on these publications. In 1735, Peter Zenger, who was a publisher of the New York Weekly Journal, was arrested and put on trial for libelous comments against the British government. His lawyer argued that the articles could not be libelous because they were true. After being found not guilty, this case set the precedent that despite the negativity of a statement, it could not be found
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